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Enhance your online presence across all Google mediums with a premium quality 360 degree virtual tour powered by Google’s Street view technology. It is a simple, fast and affordable way to showcase your business to interested visitors to put their step in your door. Virtual tours usually significantly increase actual sales.

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Google Maps Business view in Melbourne Victoria

Google the global giant

Google is an American multinational corporation specialized in web-based technologies ranging from mail services to location based services, all under the umbrella of collecting and collating information available in the world and making it universally accessible and useful with the core aim of improving communication whether it is in pictures, symbols or words. Communication between corporations and its customers have also significantly elevated allowing closer and stronger relationships to be built. Founded by two students at the world renowned Stanford University in 1998, Google has grown to become the World’s largest company specializing in internet related services and products. Google is considered one of the best employers to work and is picked regularly among the top five. They offer three sumptuous gourmet meals a day, along with some crazy additional perks like yoga classes and massages. A statue of a dinosaur skeleton takes pride of place at the Google campus at Mountain View, California in the United States of America, to remind everyone not to permit Google to become extinct like the dinosaur in the future. Google’s user friendly innovations Google has given their ardent and discerning users the very best innovative platforms to use for personal information gathering or to take businesses to the pinnacle of success. Innovations have rolled out at regular intervals from within Googleplex, the headquarters of this global giant and every innovation has been warmly embraced and most of them have changed the way modern business is conducted. Google maps took the world by storm when introduced and is today one of the most widely used mapping applications. It has also supported other related applications which are leaders in their own right and are helping digital marketing professionals to take their profession to new dimensions.

Google helps to map the world

Google maps have helped to map the world and the technology is used for many purposes worldwide. The maps technology is used for different industries like fishing and navigation among many others. Google maps is also made available in the palms of customers who are able to access it from their smart phones, tablets etc. Users at any given moment could surpass tens of millions and this is the power of Google maps. Coining Google maps and street view The success of Google maps saw the birth of Google street view platform which took search engine users virtually onto the streets. Street view gives users high definition high resolution Google 360 degree digital images of selected streets where they could look around undisturbed. Google street view is now available in 76 countries, the latest and 76thcountry to join this exclusive club to enjoy Google’s magic is the Indian Ocean island nation of Sri Lanka. The introduction of Google street view furnished views from the outside of any business or location which eventually extended to Google maps business view which would provide spectacular views of the inside.

The birth of Google maps business view

The year 2012 brought a new lease of life to how business would be conducted in the future and Google began by introducing Google Business Photos or GBP which were basically a new appendage of their very successful street view application but this was inside four walls. The pictures on the GBP programs turned out well, but were tedious that took a fair bit of time to compile. This endeavour needed professionalism and Google trained and accredited the newly born Google trusted photographer who brought a new dimension to the program. Expanding Google business view Today Google maps business view has expanded into every business and is a must if you need to keep your business always visible and in the public domain. Google maps business view gives your customer to see inside your business and comprehend how you conduct your business to decide if they would like to be a part of it. Using Google maps marketing strategies The definition of Google Maps marketing is being blended in every marketing communication effort. What is meant is the action of utilizing Google Maps functions to make your business easier to be found by your customers. Visibility is the key strategy for any business in the modern digital marketing profession and every marketer would strive to keep his brand on a high ranking on the search engine optimization platform. Google’s entrance and their innovations have completely changed traditional marketing methods and brought a new dimension with the proliferation of digital marketing strategies.

Google Maps Business View an experience never to forget

Any prospective customer can access Google maps business view and see inside a business if that business has had the foresight to come onboard. He could waltz through your business helped by the high resolution digital images uploaded for you by the Google trusted photographer, you commissioned.

Business development and Google

Large companies as well as small businesses have a range of products in the Google portfolio which they can select to develop their business depending on the characteristics of their customers and the nature of the industry in which they operate. Google also has attractive tools available at no cost for every aspect of developing a corporation’s online productivity and to improve its visibility such as Google maps business view which connects an organization directly with its customers through any online search platform whether it is on Google+, Google Search or Google maps. Google + is a social media platform linking customers with your organization enabling them to create and share their product and service experience with others to enhance your brand awareness and influence additional sales. The added benefits of Google+ are that it can improve local search visibility and rankings through your content even if your website does not rank well. Google search also defined commonly as “Google “is the most utilized search engine available on the web today and it has become every company’s challenge to rank high on its search results by optimizing its content, words and phrases. Effective use of Google’s product mix The Google product mix carries a very popular application called Google Maps which is essential for any organization who wants to be successful in its online marketing communication efforts. Google Maps utilizes Google Places which is a service which enables a corporation to list its business location information on Google Maps to be easily reached by prospects and customers constructing a strong online presence for any entity.

What Google maps business view can do for your brand

Customers could view your brand in the cool comfort of their homes or offices when they want to do so, they can digest all the information provided and also understand how your brand would meet their needs. If your brand is a restaurant, departmental store, showroom for various products or even a hospital you could commission a Google trusted photographer and capture the best digital high resolution images from the best angles and post them on the Google maps business view platform on your exclusive page, which would be the best marketing tool you could use. Prospective customers could see inside your business and decide whether they would like to visit and engage you in business.

The Additional benefits accrued

Every corporation which has integrated Google maps business view to uplift their online presence confers additional benefits through enabling customers to view inside and engage with their business online. The photos and virtual tour possibility for customers draw visual attention for any online brand listings to improve sales and market share in existing markets to give a competitive edge over all other corporations who are not utilizing this wonderful tool. New customers can be recruited effectively as online research on customer purchase behaviour claims that 97% of customers search for local business on the internet prior to making a decision. Giving customers the liberty of looking inside your business premises to experiencea firsthand view promotes transparency and trust complementing purchase. Transparency also allows customers to know exactly what to expect from your company which minimizes customer dissatisfaction and negative reviews. Brands are empowered by customers who actively interact and undertake positive word of mouth to recommend your brand and influence others to buy. Increased interaction through virtual tours enhances business listings to accomplish improved traffic rates to your website. Google maps business view can be embedded within an organization’s website and social media outlets. This option is easy and effective as it allows customers who desire a virtual tour to be directed with simply a “click.” The biggest advantage is that it is cost effective and an efficient medium through a channel that is growing in users and highly proliferated.

Google maps marketing

Marketing professionals depend on the Google maps business view platform to carry their messages across to the millions of customers who have access to the internet. Customers are reachable instantly as they carry sophisticated handheld mobile devices like smart phones, tablets and other paraphernalia which is also a fashionable accessory. Instant accessibility is now possible which provides marketers the ideal medium to keep customers bombarded with emails, short messages, visuals of products and also enter their social circles promoting any brand. Your brand on Google maps business view Bringing your brand onto the Google maps business view platform would help immensely to tell the world of customers what you have and that you represent to be looked upon by customers who penetrate top search engine platforms. Your presence on the Google maps business view platform would give you exposure that you would not be able to get on any other medium. Customers can embark on a Google virtual tour and see inside your business spend time and assimilate everything that you have to showcase, which would be like inviting every customer to see inside your business which is what Google maps business view is all about.

Customer satisfaction and delight

Google caters to both business to business (B2B) and business to customers (B2C) bases, striving to provide high levels of customer satisfaction and delight through their product mix. Performances of their new products are constantly monitored to ensure relevance and effectiveness prior and post to launch. The company’s success lies heavily on innovation to meet existing customer needs as well as untapped future needs to bring to the market, products which once upon a time lived only in dreams…