How can Google Business View help you grow your business?

Be virtual:

This will bring your business life online. The better solution over having just images online. 360 views with a virtual tour offers your customers hands on experience even before they walk into your business. They can get a better sense of layout art decor set up and the feeling of the business.

Be visible:

Not only will these images appear on Google Search, Google Maps, Google+ Local, your YouTube channel, you can also easily embed panoramic photos on your own website, social media pages, and more!

Be found:

You will be able to stand out against your competitors. Having a virtual tour will give you a competitive edge which gives customers a feel of the quality that you offer.

Be liked:

We help you to promote, protect, and enhance your company’s brand image by developing top quality official Google My Business 360 virtual tours.

e cutting-edge:

Integrate seamlessly with Google Street View to offer a virtual user experience unlike any other.

Google trusted photographers to the fore

Professionalism at its best

When Google introduced street view they had to have photographers who could do justice to their newest platform by providing them with spectacular digital 360 degree images. There were no digital cameras available at the time to capture such images and the photographers who tried to make amends with the available technology, did so tediously stitching the images together to give Google what they wanted, that is a collection of images to give the 360 degree effect. Google realized that to bring success to their newest platform they had to bring in experts, train them extensively and provide them with the right equipment, and with that the Google trusted photographer was born. Trained, guided and accredited They are screened and selected thereafter go through a comprehensive training program and are inducted into the Google business view platform. They are the main link between the user of Google business view platform and Google. Any business willing to get onboard the Google business view platform calls the closest Google trusted photographer, and makes an appointment to visit the business premises and help them get onboard the most popular platform available to get your business optimum visibility. He or she would visit and capture the digital 360 degree images with professional maturity discuss the images with the business owners and then upload onto the Google business view platform.

Affordable professional fees

Being professionals of the highest order they would charge reasonable fees and there would not be any room for exploitation as Google keeps an eagle eye on all of them. There have never been instances of any type of malpractices reported of any ungentlemanly behavior by any of the thousands of Google trusted photographers now registered with Google. Capture and upload instantly Using high tech camera equipment similar to the advanced NCTech360 digital camera which was one of the first 360 degree compatible cameras to be developed and approved by Google as the standard for capturing images for the Google business view platform. The captured images are of very high resolution and give Google the ideal team of men and equipment to carry their success forward. Google trusted photographer a special breed Today the Google trusted photographer is a special breed of photographic professionals, who understand what Google expects of them and have been delivering fantastic results. Mastering digital 360 photography It is imperative that those behind the camera master the art of capturing the best angles using the right mix of lighting. As these visuals are generally confined to the indoors everything should be perfect to capture the perfect images. Images that are of the highest quality would only be considered and with digital photography now extending into the realms of professionalism of the highest order, images posted would be exemplary to say the least.

Bringing the best out of your business

Google business view would bring the best out of your business, with some great visuals that would enable your prospective customers to see inside your business. A picture is worth a thousand words, but these are not ordinary pictures, they are high resolution digital images captured with the most technologically advanced digital cameras in the hands of qualified and experienced photographers.

Commissioning a Google trusted photographer

It would only take a simple telephone, to call up a Google trusted photographer nearest to you, request a visit to your business and get the ball rolling into a special world for you and your brand. Once a business has decided to be on the Google business view platform the process would take just a couple of days or less to be a part of a global digital marketing activity which is taking the world by storm. Quick response time They would respond very quickly and do your bidding to bring your business onto the most progressive and superlative platform found anywhere. They have been trained in every aspect not confining them to photography alone, hence they would provide exemplary service when called for and being members of Google they are expected to maintain high decorum. There are many who have accreditation to Google and have undergone the extensive training and one could be found in the close vicinity to any business wanting to get onboard the Google business view platform.

Courteous and friendly demeanor

They would espouse courteous and a friendly demeanor at all times. Their behavior would be of very high standard because this is what Google expects from them. They too realize that they are the only flesh and blood contact between Google and the business entity and their conduct would reflect on Google itself. Hence Google being a world recognized and respected conglomerate conduct regular training sessions to keep all of them doing the best job at all times, which is what is expected from them. The ownership of copyrights All visuals captured at the business premises will be retained by the business entity and would be their sole copyright. Neither Google nor the photographer will retain any images as a general policy. The images transferred to the business could be used by them as they please and could be even used to update their own Google business view site at a later date.

Professional advice and guidance

They would also provide professional advice on how the images should be captured, the lighting needed and the angles to be clicked. They are all fully knowledgeable to provide the best advice on how your Google business view site has to be arranged. A colorful presentation would draw heavy customer traffic and give the site more visibility.

Elegant presentation of visuals

The Google business view site should be well presented to the customer only will he then give it a second glance, if not he will just browse through it even without noticing it. This is not what we would want from our Google business view site and like everyone joining it, we would want optimum exposure at all times.

Google supports their work

Google supports the efforts of their photographers and would at all times see to their welfare too as they are the frontline members of their team. They are the ones who would be doing the most important chore, and would need to be very professional, and their inputs too are very important. They are therefore extensively trained by Google on all new strategies adopted to present a bigger and better platform for the business entity.

Authority to use the Google business view platform

Google trusted photographers are authorized to use the Google business view platform to upload pictures and create sites for their discerning customer, who in this case would be the business entity. They would use their authority with complete discretion and ensure that the service they provide keeps in line with policies laid down by Google. Their authority is limited to capturing images within a business premises, selecting the best and uploading them onto the Google business view platform.

Upload, renew, revise and amend

Images could be renewed, revised, amended or deleted as and when a business needs to do so and this could be easily achieved without recourse to Google, but would monitor these images to safeguard privacy laws etc. If customers or staff members are present during the photo shoots, Google would blur out their faces before publishing the images on the Google business view platform. Images could be uploaded at anytime and anywhere and changes could be made to make the site more creative and presentable.

Google trusted photographer is your partner

When a business commissions a Google trusted photographer he becomes a silent partner and would do everything within his grasp to ensure that the Google business view site gives right impressions to the customers. Once the photo session is completed, the images captured would be carefully scrutinized and selected prior to uploading them on to the Google business view site, ensuring that only the best images will be seen by the customers.

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