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My Business 360 is a Digital media company producing 360 degree virtual tours exclusively for Google My Business pages. These virtual tours are completely interactive. We are experts in Google’s search listing management and Google Street view. We are partnered with X dimensions and Infinite SEO who are Certified Google Partners. We are proud to be a Google trusted Photographers. As a Google trusted business we are dedicated to capture high dynamic range (HDR) 360 degree photos.

We create virtual tour for your business at Google My Business place using the photographs we captured at your business. We can also provide professional photos for your Google My Business listing. Google virtual tour is a great way to give your customers a virtual tour in your business. The virtual tour at Google My Business will keep you a head of your competitors especially todays customer centric business environment. Contact us to make an appointment for us to come and discuss with you all the possibilities.

My Business 360

Add a virtual tour

With My Business 360-degree interactive tour, you can bring life to your business. Showcase your business to customers who love to see inside of your business and what you offer using their finger. This is perfect for car dealerships, Restaurants, retail shops, Gyms, salons and many more!

Engage with customers

With Google virtual tour, your customers can walk around, explore, and interact with your business like never before. Customers will be able to truly experience your business - just like being there! This is what everyone do right now. Do research before step out of the door.

Share with the world

Not only the virtual tour appears on Google searches, Google Maps, and Google+ Local listings, but Street View can easily be embedded on your own website, social media pages, and more!

Quality & Quantity

With our experience of maintaining Google standards, we understand that the quality must be maintained to a very high standard for Google to approve your business to be listed. This separates My Business 360 from the competition.

Generate more walk in traffic than never before. Stand out on Google search results pages. Capitalize on Smart phone and smart device users. Contact us on 1 300 363 532 to book your virtual tour.

Get on Google

20 Reasons to get Google Business View for your business.

  • 1. Place your business on the Google Map with an interactive tour.
  • 2. Integrated with Google street view feature.
  • 3. Link your Google Virtual Tour into your own website and social media pages.
  • 4. Enhance Google Local Business page and Google Maps listing
  • 5. Backed by one of the world’s most trusted brands – Google
  • 6. Virtual tour Available 24/7 … 365 days per year
  • 7. Showcase your business to customers / potential customers locally and worldwide
  • 8. Clients can add their own reviews and photos to your listings.
  • 9. You can add multiple locations to one My Business account.
  • 10. FREE Hosting of your business by Google.
  • 11. Copyright of images is owned by you.
  • 12. Re-shoots can be ordered when the business requires
  • 13. The best and most effective cost effective marketing product available with one-time payment.
  • 14. Automatically integrated in most new Google related products
  • 15. Allows potential customers to virtually visit your business before they visit your business in person
  • 16. The lowest cost 'virtual tour' on the market
  • 17. Re-shoots can be used to promote a specific high-traffic period for a business. E.g. Christmas events
  • 18. Brings your business listing to life with a 360°, interactive Google Virtual Tour
  • 19. Provides you with Professional "Point of Interest" photographs of your business
  • 20. Embraces emerging technology

How it works and where the tours appear

As Google Trusted Photographers, we will visit your business and take a series of images throughout, starting from the exterior, and working through the premises. We would like to capture your business on a normal working day or on a weekend, but by all means tidy up before I arrive. Make sure you have less clients at the time of the photo shoot. People can be captured in the virtual tour but it is best to mention this to any customers in the premises at the time. Faces are automatically blurred by Google as are license plates, for privacy reasons. We will also shoot still images to capture the interior and points of interest within your premises. All of this material is then uploaded to Google My Business for inclusion on Google Search, Google Places and Google Maps.

Getting your business on Google is as easy,

1. Call 1300 36 35 32 or contact us

2. Relax, we will do the rest for you.


Making Google business view

Google business view has created an exuberant atmosphere in the world business community. Never has there been a platform like Google business view for entrepreneurs to showcase their brands effectively. Customers too on the other hand have never seen anything like Google business view, the technological marvel of the future.

My Business, Google Business view

Google business view is available to all search engine users at no cost at all. A small fee has to be paid to a Google trusted photographer who would be the pivot in getting your business on the Google business view page. Visuals on Google business view say a thousand words and Google business view is just the place to see what you really need. The images on the Google business view page would be in high resolution and all images will be the property of the business concerned.

See inside of any place

Any business on the Google business view platform is sure to get the right exposure. Customers today are finding new ways to obtain information and Google business view is a great way forward. Google business view is available at no cost and that makes Google business view doubly interesting to everyone.

Contact us on 1 300 36 35 32 to book your virtual tour.

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