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Google street view, a voyage incomparable

Google has been the leading light guiding the Information Technology industry with some great innovations supported by their search engines to provide user friendly applications to their millions of discerning users.

They have brought these innovative platforms when the industry needed a boost and keep the interest in the industry alive and to progress rapidly.

The sequence of innovations, that came forth have been readily accepted by their users and which have been the primary reason to stamp Google’s authority in the industry.

One of the most widely used platforms worldwide in many applications is Google maps, which is today used for mapping, navigation and even to pinpoint specific areas in the world and for many other different  uses.

The Google maps platform which created an unprecedented interest when first launched is still one of the most sought after applications use prolifically around the world.

Along with Google maps came along Google streetview which allows many sites, places of interest, learning and entertainment around the world to be easily accessible on your personal computer.

Restaurants, museums, historical, buildings, popular mountains and many more are reachable at the click of your fingertips with live feedbacks.

Before the development of the 360 degree spherical digital camera with the ability to capture digital images and upload them onto the platform instantly, photographers had to employ a very tedious method called stitching where a series of images were joined together to form an imaginative 360 degree picture.

The 360 degree enabled digital camera revolutionized the way Google trusted photographers captured their digital pictures, here was equipment that they could easily use and it had the ability to upload images instantly too.

One versatile camera was the NCTech360 digital camera that is Google approved and used extensively by most Google trusted photographers and is standard equipment for them.

It is an experience to visit a restaurant whilst at home seated in the comfort of your favorite chair and navigating yourself through it’s doors and browsing around taking in the ambience, the lovely décor, the subtle lighting and even selecting where you would prefer to sit down and have a meal with your loved ones joining you.

Google streetview enables you to view the stunning beauty of a spectacular mountain range from atop one of the highest peaks around imagine the cool breeze on your face but from where ever you may be but not necessarily on the mountain top itself.

Taking a leisurely walk in a very popular botanical gardens or parkland observing the beautiful landscape covered with flowers of every hue, in full blossom is today a reality and a virtual possibility with what Google could offer you on their very popular search engines just at the click of your mouse.

Caves with stalactites formed thousands of years ago, which would be accessible only to the most adventurous but even if you are an octogenarian experiencing the insides of the caves would be just a few clicks on your computer.

The amount of such very special places on Google’s search engines are numerous and all of them are unique by it’s own importance in history, society and nature.

Compiled painstakingly by professionals who would need to trek up to every place available and capture the 360 degree pictures and upload them onto the Google search engines for us to enjoy the stunning views, the important locations, the history behind the setting and anything that would be of interest to most of us who would enjoy watching it in the most relaxed atmosphere.

Google trusted photographers are always on the lookout for such stunning and eye catching places and would go to any length to capture the best angles and post it for us to enjoy their uniqueness and beauty.

We humans love to behold beauty in our eyes, and we need to experience the best things that life has to offer, but we may not be able to see everything in our lifetime, hence Google’s commitment to bring these places before us to enjoy their beauty should be appreciated by all.

The sites are categorized either by location or name and finding the place that would interest you would not be like looking for a needle in a haystack. It is just very simple and any place could be found quickly and easily.

We could also look at these stunning places as a hobby, to have the satisfaction that these are places though we could not visit, are places that we have seen in 360 degree angle high resolution digital pictures, like we have had the experience to walk through, with nobody telling us where to look or where to stop.

Of all the platforms available on the Google search engines it would not be an exaggeration to say that Google streetview is the most popular and cool site to spend your leisure time browsing and enjoying whilst learning the origins or any other information from it.

We have always striven to accumulate as much information as possible during our lifetime and this could be the opportunity we all have been looking forward to without much of a very great effort to learn many things of many places from the comfort of our homes, without spending a fortune to pack our bags take a long flight and get to the location which we could easily access from our homes.

Would this not be the answer to all our woes of seeing as much places in our short lifespan and enjoy the wonderful experiences imagining, that we are there physically and enjoying every moment and cherishing those moments right throughout life.

We all need this much needed relaxation and what better way than to get onboard Google streetview and enjoy what is on offer at a fraction of the cost that it would take to get there.

We should be thankful to all those who have made this possible, from the Google trusted photographers, and to the crew members who form part of this adventurous team that has made all this possible.


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