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See inside, then decide

Founded in 1998

Google considered the largest conglomerate in the information technology industry had very humble beginnings. It began more out of interest than as an enterprise, when two Stanford University students, founded it to integrate the nascent information industry to bring along some benefits, to users.

Google the ultimate facilitator

Google today is the leading search engine facilitator leaving others like Yahoo and Bing miles behind. The speed with which Google has reached it’s tentacles globally is primarily due to their user friendly innovations rolling out of the, aptly nicknamed “Googleplex” their headquarters in Mountain View, California at regular intervals keeping the information technology industry vibrant and buoyant.

Google the giant

Google is today a global financial giant, with assets amounting to billions of US dollars and still growing. They have lead from the front and their forte being their inherent ability to bring newer and better innovations that are readily accepted by the millions of users who depend on Google for information, news and entertainment.

User friendly platforms

Every platform that has been introduced by Google has been to facilitate easy usage and most at no cost to users. Google maps are the firm foundations on which many other applications are based on and are the leading mapping platforms around the world.

Most navigational applications depend on Google maps, and it’s own street view and business view are applications that are appendages of the former.

Whilst street view is a more outdoor application providing spectacular 360 degree images on the outside, business view is an application that enables users to see inside a business and make their decision to engage or not with that particular entity.

See inside a business

Customers can now sit in the comfort of their homes and see inside popular restaurants, departmental stores, or any other place of business or pleasure before they would physically visit.

Google business view makes this possible on any digital mobile device or a personal computer, and the experience is exhilarating to say the least as you could move around undisturbed and unhindered.

Innovative new applications

Google maps, street view, business view and many other new applications are being developed as we wait at the “Googleplex” which would see the light of day in the very near future.

The innovative new applications are eagerly awaited by every one in every sphere of business or otherwise.

The leader always

Google since the beginning has been maintaining it’s leadership role and got others to follow them, and this is what has brought them fame, glory and the billions of US dollars into their coffers.

Their expansion plans are way ahead of the times and they would grow to be one of the biggest conglomerates in the world if they are not the one at this time.

Coming from the streets

The development and introduction of Google street view put the cat among the pigeons as the other search engine operators were taken unaware of this very innovative platform.

Google street view application has extended to it’s 76th country bringing the Indian Ocean island nation of Sri Lanka as it’s newest proud member to this exclusive club.  

Street view technology

Street view technology is also an appendage of Google’s most popular maps application and is virtually looking from the outside but business view lets customers and connoisseurs the ability to see inside.

Letting your customers to see inside your premises bodes well as it projects transparency and openness which would generally digest well with those who are particular in the choice they make before they buy anything.

The need to see inside

Customers like to feel things in their hands before they buy anything, even a car which they intend buying would require them to visit the showroom and have a test drive before they make up their minds.

When they could see inside a business their perspectives could change because they see what they would experience when they get there physically.

Competitive Google technology

Google is developing state of the art technology way ahead of it’s times and keeping their ardent and faithful users in the edge of their seats awaiting better applications for them to use.

The trend that Google is setting in the information technology industry is something that they could brag about as it is their innovations that has kept the industry buoyant.

When customers, information seekers and other users browse the search engines to find what they need and when they could see inside where they would want to go, that is technology at it’s best.

Picked best employer

Google is more of a gentle giant as they tend to look after their flock with care. Employees at Google enjoy some of the best remunerations, and the happy flock would always pick their company as the best employer around.

Business view to see inside

Whilst street view was looking from the streets virtually, business view brought the user to see inside which gave a completely new dimension to how businesses could interact with their customers.

It also gave professional marketers a new and progressive medium where they could be alert and aggressive to take their brands across with more style and confidence.

Crazy employee perks

Some of the perks that employees at Google enjoy would sound crazy to others, like yoga classes to keep them spiritually cleansed and massages to keep their bodies trim and proper.

Though business view could go anywhere to see inside, it would not be allowed into the hallowed premises of “Googleplex” for obvious reasons.

Why see inside?

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this premise holds water because most of us tend to believe what we see, and when we see inside a business that we would like to engage with, our perspectives could change.

Experiencing see inside technology

Google business view is an innovation that is taking the digital marketing industry in a right royal spin. The ability to see inside a business and digest all that you see in your own time at your most convenient place is what is driving this technology to great heights.

Developing the technology

The street view and business view technologies had it’s beginnings on the same drawing board as Google maps and is today bringing a new dimension to digital marketing leaving the traditional methods of marketing by the roadside.

Bringing new traffic

Any business opting to get on board the Google business view platform which is at no cost other than the very reasonable fees to be paid to the Google trusted photographer, would definitely draw immense traffic to it’s brand.

Developing potential customers

Potential customers would find your business on the business view platform if you opt to be on it. At no cost it is the better option of many others which would require high spending and great efforts.

See inside options

The options to see inside are many with prospective customers having the opportunity to access your site from wherever they may be on their digital mobile devices.

Gaining optimum visibility

Google helps in many other ways, high rankings on search engine optimization would be just one and the ability for customers to see inside your business could just another amongst many more.

High visibility on the search engine is paramount if you are to make an indelible mark in the marketplace. Most decisions are made today with some input from the search engines which customers look into before making the crucial decision.

Being visible matters

A brand being prominent and visible on the search engine matters immensely as it is visibility that would get your brand the exposure it needs to compete with others.

See inside cements confidence

A customer who can see inside your business is sure to make some contact with you, if you have presented your case well to him to sway his perspective and thinking.

Commissioning a Google trusted photographer would be your first step on this very enterprising journey which your business would embark on when it joins the exclusive business view family.

Like none other

Google business view is a platform like none other and with time it is definitely going to better and better which would be good for business globally.

The digital marketing industry has taken it with open arms and is turning it into one of their main strategies to educate their customers on the brands that they represent.

Information and visuals could sway the decision to buy and that is what today’s marketing professionals are aiming at through the progressive business view platform.

New dimensions to business

This is a new dimension to how business is conducted and will be conducted in the future. More advanced technological innovations are in the offing and the next couple of years would see some great applications coming out of “Googleplex”.