What is Street view

Street view maps

maps street view

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Google Virtual Tour

Online Shopping

Social and Consumer trends

The term online shopping refers to any business activity or purchase through a digital channel in other words -buying through the internet.

The new world brought many social trends such as busy lifestyles, rising fuel thus transportation costs and increased competition in the marketplace due to globalization and the removal of many export/import trade barriers.

To complement these social trends, consumer behaviour also altered respectively and the key to business sustainability relied heavily on convenience, speed, value for money and quality.

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Google street view, a voyage incomparable

Google has been the leading light guiding the Information Technology industry with some great innovations supported by their search engines to provide user friendly applications to their millions of discerning users.

They have brought these innovative platforms when the industry needed a boost and keep the interest in the industry alive and to progress rapidly.

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What is Street view

Google street view an explorer’s dream

User friendly Google

It is Google’s ability to innovate user friendly platforms that has kept them at the forefront in the Information Technology industry.

Google the leader

There is no doubt that Google is the undisputed leader in this very competitive industry and has proved their mettle over the years.

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