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See inside a business

Presenting your business in digital images

Google the esteemed innovator

Google has built an indelible reputation of being an innovator of user friendly digital search engine platforms that have always been leaders in their own right.

Used for many applications worldwide Google maps is the feather in their cap which is the universally used mapping foundation for many other related platforms.

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Panoramic view

Google virtual tour an exhilarating experience

Google the trendsetter

Google has always set the trend in the information technology stage just like the super models on the catwalk of leading fashion capitals of the world.

They have brought a new dimension to how the industry goes about it’s daily chores, always keeping the clock ticking with expectations from their millions of users for new applications to keep them interested and excited.

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Google My Business View

My Business 360 Virtual tour Package Includes:

·    Photography session at your location by Google Trusted Photographer.

-       Full 360° virtual tour of your business using HDR technology.


-       Selected set of digital photographs of your business and product for your Google Places photo gallery, or for use directly on your web site.

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