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The founding of Search Giant

Google was founded by two enterprising students who were studying for their PhD at the world renowned Stanford University in the year 1998.

Google the gentle information technology giant

Google is a giant in their own right, leading the world search engine facilitators club, whilst keeping their competitors lagging far behind to bring up the tail.

They have a reputation of generosity and good employee governance, where their employees who are provided three gourmet meals everyday and stunning perks like yoga classes and body massages to keep their bodies and minds free of any encumbrances that they would have.

Google the user friendly innovator

All of Google’s innovations have always been user friendly hence the millions of followers they have, who would always turn to them to find information, entertainment and news.

Google provides the right kind of platform for any type of industry and this has been their forte through which they have brought the millions who turn to them for practically everything.

Google has this reputation to keep and they will always endeavour to keep ahead of their competition by providing newer and better innovations in the future too. 

Google helps the growth of business

Google has provided some very innovative platforms for businesses to use and create customer awareness for their brands. Professional marketers use Google’s search engines to get messages across to their prospective customers instantly.

This is now possible with the proliferation of digital mobile devices which are affordable and used by most inhabitants on our planet.

The coverage that digital marketers are able to achieve is stupendous and by selecting and changing keywords in regular intervals they are able to achieve high search engine optimization rankings to keep their brands always visible to their customers.  

Google maps the universally used mapping platform

Google maps are the most sought after mapping platform in the world and is used in many applications. It is used extensively for navigation and for finding locations easily with just a few clicks on a user’s smart phone, tablet or any other device.

Google maps are the first of many to follow and the cake if it could be called so, with street view and business view being the icing on it.

The success of Google’s street view application

Google street view virtually took users onto the streets but when physically seated on their favourite sofa, where they were treated to some stunning digital high resolution 360 photography captured by Google trusted photographers who are accredited and affiliated to Google.

The digital high resolution images gave viewers fantastic 360 degree views of the streets that they wanted to be on and these virtual Google tours gave them the opportunity to find places that they could not visit in a lifetime.

Google street view has extended into 76 countries now, with the latest to join this exclusive club, being the tropical island nation of Sri Lanka at the southern tip of the Indian sub continent. 

Google business view an appendage of street view

The success of Google street view and the reception it has received from the users gave Google the impetus to bring the street view technology in from the street to within the four walls of a business.

This bold step created Google business view which is just like coming from the street into a premises and waltzing through it taking in everything that is on offer and then decide to visit the place if your heart says so.

Customer perception has changed since the launch of business view which gives customers just what they were looking for all these years, that is to see what is offer prior to making the decision to buy.

Combining street view and business view

Combining street view and business view technology would bring a super platform and it is envisaged by users to be in the very near future.

The technology is available and it is only a bit of polishing that would be needed to get the right product out of the Google offices in Mountain View, California.

Google has always striven to bring out the best, and has endeavoured to create user friendly platforms and this is what has propelled them to be leaders amongst all other search engine facilitators namely Yahoo and Bing the other two major contenders for the top position.

Google works for you 24x7 silently

Your business would be visible 24x7 all 365 days of the year as Google never sleeps, hence it is your prerogative to ensure that your brand is up to the challenge and keep it active always on the Google search engine platform.

Towards your brand’s success your digital marketing team would have to be always on their toes, by picking the right keywords, changing them regularly and keeping the brand visible at all times.  

The advantage of being on Google business view

Google business view is a platform that could propel your business to great heights. Your brand on the business view platform would give it respectability for the mere reason that customers would have the opportunity to see inside your business unhindered and undisturbed, which would serve your business well.

Transparency in business is a major strategy to convince prospective customers that you are above board in your business operations and that you have nothing to hide from the very people who bring you revenue.

Google tour an addictive journey that would transform perception

A customer experiencing a virtual Google tour of your business which would be compiled and presented well may not want to leave your premises.

He would look over and over again assimilating everything that you have to offer. The journey he takes on the Google tour would convince him to make a fast dash to your premises and engage with you in business.

This is the power of Google business view and it could be addictive and some customers could visit your site once before they make the decision to visit.

When they see what you have to offer captured skillfully by a Google trusted photographer, and uploaded by him there would not be a moment that the customer would want to lose, other than come rushing to your doorstep.   

Taking your business to greater heights

Your business could take great strides and reach the pinnacle of success, by giving your customers a trip of a lifetime to see inside your business.

A Google tour is sure to push his interest hormones up when he digests all that is shown in your Google business view site in fabulous 360 degree digital high resolution photography.   

Google is affordable

The Google search engines are accessible at no cost or absolutely free. It is the same with Google business view, where a nominal fee would be charged by the Google trusted photographer for his services and that is all you pay.

Google has striven to get the best platforms at affordable costs or at no cost which has given them the leverage to be the best of all other search engine operators.

Google would continue to keep this trend even into the future and would endeavour to give their users the best platforms at all times.

Countering competition with help from Google

Your brand could keep it’s competitors at bay by formulating aggressive digital marketing strategies to reach prospective customers first and fast.

Getting onboard the Google business view platform, maintaining a high search engine optimization ranking and giving your prospective customers a glimpse of your business on a Google tour, would keep your competitors guessing and at crossroads at all times.

Creating the perfect Google tour for your customers

A Google tour on the Google business view platform should be well presented and there are no other professionals other than Google trained, accredited and affiliated Google trusted photographers who could do the job for you.

Using some of the world’s sophisticated digital cameras they would do justice to your business for which you may have to pay a very nominal fee for their services.

Google trusted photographers would not retain any copyrights for the images they capture at your premises and they would all be your property to use freely as you would wish.


Linking your business with your prospective customers

The digital marketing industry has grown in leaps and bounds creating unprecedented access between marketer and customer. Marketing professionals are able to take their messages across continents and oceans right to the palms of their customers, via all the sophisticated mobile devices that are in use today.

Customer’s preferences towards transparency

Customers prefer transparency and would be comfortable doing business with entities that they could trust. There is no better way to prove this than to get onboard the Google business view platform and show the inside of your business and how you would serve your customer before he even steps into your place.

Google tour a journey like none other

There are no substitutes for a Google tour of a business other than a customer visiting the place and seeing what you have to offer.

In today’s busy world, time is a major constrain and customers prefer not to pound streets like before and would prefer to see what they would be offered before they would physically visit the business outlet.

Google business view is just what the doctor ordered and they would definitely peep into it before they make the decision to move and buy what they need.

So if you would want to be the “early bird to catch the first worm” then you would need to get onto the Google business view platform and make your brand visible to all.


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