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Getting your business on Google My Business is easy.


Once you contact us, we will be working as follows.

  • We will help setup a Google Places Page.
  • One of our photographers will visit your place to give you a quote.
  • We will schedule your Photoshoot to make the virtual tour.
  • Payment is due prior to the photoshoot, which will take about 1-2 hours.
  • We will create your My Business 360 tour and link it to your Google Places page within 14days of completing the photoshoot.
  • We will provide you the information to link your My Business 360 tour to your website.
  • Usually your business’s virtual tour will be online within 30days of submission, and remember that this part is handled by Google.


Google business opens the doorway to success

Google the leading search engine facilitator

Google has held the number one slot as the leading search engine facilitator for many moons, since the internet came into being. It is Google’s user friendly applications and innovative platforms that has brought it up the steep ladder of anxiety and spilling of sweat and kept them on the pinnacle of success.

The innovator of innovations, unlike none other

Google has been an innovator par excellence and has created many firsts on it’s long journey of successfully meeting user needs at all times. It is their users who call the shots and Google is aware of it and hence has always striven, to provide the best platform and the most advanced, but with complete ease of use.

Leading the way in a competitive industry

The search engine industry is like all other industries in the modern world, which are very competitive and one has to be aggressive in finding the right product and marketing mix to survive. Google has had both in equal measure, proliferating very positive approaches, to be the best among all other search engine providers.

Providing all the answers you need

The timely innovations that Google has been expected to provide at all times, especially like their Google business view platform provides all the answers that enterprising entrepreneurs seek when venturing out with capital to invest  in their wallets.

Google business, the platform to meet objectives

The very innovative Google business view platform which has taken the search engine industry in a right royal spin has created waves of passionate and enthusiastic reviews from all sections of the business world.

Google business view has given businessmen the opportunity to put their business at the finger tips of their prospective customers whilst customers have the ability to see firsthand what they are likely to receive for the money they would be expected to pay.

Taking your competition on without a whimper

Google has always stood sturdy and steadfast in their commitment to bring only the best platforms onto their search engines and Google business view is just one of the many that has rolled out from their corporate offices, without even a whimper about the competition they have had to face doling them out.

Channeling resources to achieve success

Google has always channeled their vast resources to meet their objectives not forgetting for a moment that their success depends on the response of all their users on their search engines.

Google business view is just one of those success stories which have propelled Google to a new dimension and proudly belonging to a family of dynamic innovators of the modern world.

Bringing the tempo up and keeping it there

Placing your business on the Google business view platform would break new ground for your enterprise and put it where it needs to be, and that is none other than on the top of your Google local business circuit and extending even further.

Keeping the tempo alive once your business is on the top with appreciative reviews from your Google business view users, the customer response you envisaged is sure to flow through to meet all your business objectives. 

The long road from street view to Google business

When the innovative Google street view platform was first introduced, users on the Google search engines never dreamt that things are going to get from better to fantastic.

When Google business view followed on the heels of success of street view, the responses were overwhelming to say the least, and Google search engine users were swept off their feet, just imagining all they could see and do on this unbelievable and innovative platform.

Google gives you value for money

Google innovations have always provided the best value for money for their discerning customers. Google business view is no exception but has done better by being the best among all the rest.

The initial response for Google business view whilst being overwhelming, has taken Google itself to dizzying heights with too many feathers to place on their caps.

Google places the cat among the pigeons

Google has had the perennial habit of putting the “cat among the pigeons” when it comes to the crux of their business that is innovation of new user friendly platforms.

Google business view is just one of the many, which took Google’s competitors like Yahoo and Bing completely by surprise and they were unable to recover for some time till they digested the impact that this new platform would have on the search engine industry.

A 360 degree vision with Google business view

Google business view provides customers an unhindered 360 degree view of the places that they would like to visit and observe in silence and in peace. Assimilating what they see and arriving at conclusions are the prerogative of the respective customer’s.

Keeping abreast with technological advancement

Google has not only always kept abreast with the technological advancements of the time but has moved many steps into the future to bring out some very innovative platforms like none other. Google business view is just one of the many that has seen the light of the day from their sprawling premises.  

A journey incomparable on Google search engines

Users have always enjoyed Google’s innovations and which have enabled them to have embarked on some very catchy journeys finding information they needed and places they wanted to visit and also people that they yearned to meet and much more.

Innumerable opportunities to bring optimum exposure

Google has provided innumerable opportunities to all and sundry to use their search engines and gain the optimum exposure needed to propagate business and other activities. Google business view is just one such example and which is offered free of cost to those who want to come aboard. 

Giving your business the opportunities to grow

Google has provided equal opportunities to everyone from all walks of life, be it in business or otherwise to exert their energies and be successful in what they do.

Google is one in a million to partner into success

Google has been a very reliable partner for everyone by being transparent and open in how they conduct their business. They have always striven to keep their search engine users on the edge of their seats when they come aboard. Google is one in a million when comparing how some conduct their businesses in the name of transparency.

Google provides an insight  into any business

Once onboard with Google there is no turning back, as a businessman you could keep all your hopes alive and vision widened using Google’s user friendly platforms.

Guiding business successfully towards eternity

With Google guiding you and helping your business to prosper with all the best innovations coming your way, minding your business to your best ability is what is needed under the context.

Google business is one such platform and which gives value for money if you choose to get on board and prosper into the future.

Displaying your business on Google business

Google business is simple in it’s simplicity and displaying yourself on it would provide you unprecedented exposure like none other platform.

The ultimate platform to be visible is Google

It is Google you need to choose if you are to be visible and recognizable to the world business community at all times.

Giving your business unrivalled strength in a competitive world

Google business view is sure to provide you the strength, enthusiasm, initiative and opportunity to compete and be competitive in this very volatile and cutthroat marketplace.

On the maps plants a flag on your place

Google business view would plant the flag of visibility and the flag of success alongside each other to give you immense customer appeal and with it overwhelming responses and unprecedented success.

This platforms helps your services to stand out

Google has always helped out and has been silently instrumental in the success of many entrepreneurs in the business world. There are numerous instances where Google has stepped beyond the call of duty to bring a smile to many Google users.

Giving your customers a Google 360 virtual tour

Google’s user friendly innovations like Google business view could take your prospective customers on a whirlwind 360 degree tour of your premises from the comfort of their homes.

What you would show on the platform would create the right incentive for them to visit and engage you in business for mutual benefit.

Showing your customers the value they get for money

Customers would engage you in business only when they are satisfied of your bona fides, and towards that end you should show them the value for money they would receive when they do so.

Customers prefer to see what they would get

Customers do not buy blindly they would need to see what they are buying and this is an important aspect in business. Today they are very discerning and would not pull their wallets out, unless they know exactly what they are getting for the money spent.

Customers are the reason we are in business

Customers are the reason that we are all in business and there is no dispute about that, but keeping them loyal and close to you at all times is very important.

Satisfying customer needs is primary in business

Satisfying customer needs is primary in marketing, and this is important because it is a satisfied customer that would come back and also do you a favour by helping you by word of mouth advertising.

A satisfied customer is your passport to good referrals

A satisfied customer would give you raving reviews compared to those customers who have left unsatisfied or have been shabbily treated at your premises. Hence it is imperative that all your customers are served well and leave satisfied that a better business deal has been concluded to mutual benefit.

Referrals from satisfied customers a boost to business

A good marketing campaign, with a little bit of spice in it would attract the maximum customers and keep them loyal to you if you have served them well and met their needs to your best abilities.


Google business 360 virtual tour

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